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Project introduction

HLB Mann Judd is an Australasian association of independent advisory and accounting firms, with member firms in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. It has particular expertise in wealth management, tax planning, business advisory and audit and assurance services.

Problem & challenges

The Association was seeking to position itself as an expert voice within corporate advisory and, in particular, in assisting companies undertaking a public listing. In 2005, it produced a report on the IPO market in Australia which looked at the number of IPOs undertaken over the previous 12-month period, and trends in areas such as capitalisation, subscription rates, and the sectors covered.


PB Comms suggested a media event to launch the IPO Watch Australia report and create an opportunity to analyse and discuss the IPO market that showcased HLB Mann Judd’s expertise, knowledge and experience. The communications approach also provided the opportunity for partners to talk about different aspects of corporate advisory and finance beyond a public listing. The first event was held in Melbourne in January 2005, and since then, the report has been released to the media through an event arranged by PB Comms, in either Sydney or Melbourne. Partners from different HLB Mann Judd firms have the opportunity to speak at the event, highlighting various areas of expertise and knowledge within the Association.

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The IPO Watch Australia media launch in January is now an established part of the media calendar, with between 14 and 18 journalists attending, representing business, markets and investment media. It generates strong media coverage that reaches the target business audience. A mid-year update media event was added to the strategy in 2017 which also creates a high level of media interest and maintains regular momentum for IPO market commentary. The author of the report is regularly contacted by journalists throughout the year for comment and views on the IPO market.

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